“Time is money” is particularly true for entrepreneurs.  Of all the resources a business owner can invest in their enterprise, time is the most finite. There will always be just 24 hours in a day. In the continuous balancing act that is small business, IT support is often seen as a role that the owner can take on to save money. However, the financial savings can be offset by a loss of valuable time. Here are four pitfalls to avoid if you decide to become your own technical support.

stopwatch1. Underestimating your time

A basic assumption about doing a job yourself is that you will complete it in the same time as a professional would. This is rarely the case – it’s more likely that you will spend more time to accomplish less. The professional can give the project their undivided attention while you will have to multitask to keep your business running at the same time. They will complete the project in the agreed upon timeframe, while you may have to put it aside several times to focus on other priorities.


wrench on nail and hammer on bolt2. Overestimating your expertise

Another inaccurate assumption about DIY is that the project will run smoothly from start to finish. Nowhere is this less true than in  IT. What begins as a straightforward task can turn into a maze of confusion without warning. An IT professional has more knowledge and more tools at their disposal. If there’s a problem you can’t figure out, they’ve already seen it multiple times.


3. Missing out on business opportunitiesthree stacks of coins with twigs growing from them

Unless you are an IT professional, sitting in front of a computer for hours will do very little to grow your business. As the owner, your time is better spent on strategic planning, marketing, networking, or other business development activities. The time spent maintaining your IT can never be used for any other purpose.


hammock on the beach4. Stealing time from other activities

It’s common practice for business owners to relegate support tasks like  IT to non-business hours in the evenings or on weekends. Not only does this tax your physical and mental resources, it limits the time available for non-business activities. When weighed against the benefits of a satisfied family and less personal stress, the cost of having a professional manage your IT is good value.


In the pursuit of business and financial success, don’t overlook your most precious asset – time! Contact TechFit today to discover how we can turn your money into time.

4 Pitfalls of Being Your Own IT Tech

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