Social Responsibility Project

To be a productive member of society requires us to enhance the lives of others whenever the opportunity presents itself. For the months of November and December 2017 we are promoting the eSight fundraising project of a TechFit friend – Mr. Fred Reason.

Mr. Reason is legally blind; eSight technology offers breakthrough digital eye wear device that replicates natural sight for people like Fred. eSight is a government approved medical device, but is not covered under medical insurance. To assist Fred, who is on a fixed income, TechFit will be contributing on his GoFundMe page, and encourages you to donate as well.

For more information about eSight and their successes, check out these links:

eSight Glasses Restore Sight To The Blind

eSight: Moments


Be Proactive about Your Technology

“The best way to keep something bad from happening is to see it ahead of time…”
William S. Burroughs

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses who rely on computers, tablets, or smart phones will experience a technology disruption that causes a significant impact to their businesses.

This is roughly the same percentage of businesses who:

  • don’t have a dedicated IT employee
  • don’t monitor their technology’s health
  • don’t have a disaster recovery plan

Take our Tech Health Quiz to see how vulnerable your business is to a technology disruption.